Stuart Kettell calls himself a ‘mad fool’. And maybe he is a bit. We’d rather name him a kickass chap. He is after all the one who raised money for charity pushing a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon With his NOSE and who rode a Penny Farthing (a ninetheenth century bicycle) from Land’s End to John O’Groats!
Now he enters our kickasstrip gallery with yet another mad charity raising mission: running a marathon a day for a week in a giant hamster wheel.

hamster wheel marathon4

Building a Giant Hamster Wheel

It happens to be that giant lifesize hamster wheels are not off-the-shelf items in your local sports nor animal shop. So as a starter for his stunt Kettell spent four months building a 8ft wooden and metal wheel outside his home. He then put it outside on his driveway and started training for his seven marathons in seven days, a total of 190 miles (around 300km).hamster wheel marathon3 (Small)

Stuart said: ”I have done marathons before and never wanted to run another one the next day so this is going to be tough, especially as I’ll be running on an incline in the wheel. It does feel strange in it and you get a bit of motion sickness as it is going round in front of you.”

Training in the wheel in front of his house got him mixed reactions. He said: ”The kids think it is great having it on the drive but my wife is quite embarrassed about it all. People have been beeping their horns as they drive past my house and hamster wheel”

hamster wheel marathon5

Stuart said: “As I stepped up the training it became really hard because the reality of what I’m going to do was setting in.

“I’ve never ran a marathon back to back before but I’ve done as much training as I could possibly do to prepare for it. I think the engineering of the giant hamster wheel was the most difficult – making sure the weight was right so the see saw tips. It was harder than the training.

Everyone has been so supportive of it, people are helping me with the filming and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me set up the wheel. I’ve been planning it for almost a year – I’m just counting down the days now so I can get on there and do it.”

The Hamster wheel Run in the Centre of Coventry

For his charity run the hamster wheel was put in the city centre of Coventry, his home city, in March 2011.

hamster wheel marathon1 (Small)

The determined dad-of-two, who runs a film production company in Finham, started running in his Giant Hamster Wheel with the intention to keep on going until he had raised at least £7,000.

To make it all a bit more spectacular the wheel was fixed to the end of a see-saw with a hamster pot next to it for people to drop in their donations. Once the pot would weigh to the value of £7,000 the see-saw would tip and Kettell would stop running.

In the end Kettell ended up running for 12 hours a day, for a full week. All in his giant hamster wheel He raised a total of close to £8,000 for Macmillan Cancer Research

See some real hamster wheel running action here:


More 7 Marathon Running Challenges

Digging a bit in the archives of kickasstrips it looks like the number 7 has some mythical appeal on marathon runners and walkers as a bunch of others have been doing running trips involving the number 7:

More ‘Mad Foolish’ Challenges for Charity

Kettel came up with the hamsterwheel challenge to raise cash for Macmillan Cancer Research UK. Every year he does one of those challenges to support the charity he believes in.

He added: “Every year I’ve got to come up with something wacky to raise money for Macmillan. I’m going to recover from this one and then start thinking about my next challenge……

We can’t wait with what other kickassness he will be coming up…..!!