Vietnam is a kickass impressive country that is easy to travel to and hard to get out of your mind once visited.

That it is a real fun place open for kickass adventures was proven by the bunch who Motorbiked across Vietnam in ridiculous suits, on Pink amphibious bikes while carrying humongous gifts.

A Vietnam Road Trip Video

Now a new glorious & kickass video has popped up putting Vietnam in the travel limelight. Georgy Tarasov and his brother traveled overland through Vietnam for 45 days in  September 2014 (and a bit of October). They documented their trip in a really well shot and edited video. It has a film-ish like quality that makes it visually stunning (but not as stunning as this Hollywood Blockbuster Style Turkey Travel Video) and very engaging.

They travel by foot, bicycle, train, motorbike and boat capturing the country in its entirety. The dreamy and lively music by Talisco definitely adds to the appeal….maybe even creates the entire appeal (like with so many other travel videos).
Watching this video will definitely want you to go to this great South-East Asian country and maked a kickass road trip from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi.

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