The idea that microadventures – adventures close to home – can be often as cool as far away journeys is getting more and more popular. Now Youtube user dumo has taken this quite literally by “making an 8 year walk” around his own house with a cool selfie a day stop motion video!

The video consists of 2,900 photographs of himself in his own house shot between September 2006 and August 2014 – meaning 8 full years. Each day he took a mugshot and by slightly adjusting his position and framing for each day’s shot, dumo successfully created a stop-motion video showing himself aging 8 years while walking around inside/outside his house. In the video he is doing various things from sleeping, showering, watching TV to just strolling around the house.

The effect is that it looks like he is making a trip around and in his own house, over the course of 8 years, all compressed in a 3 minute video.

Dumo regrets the fact that it could have looked even better were it not for his Asian genes: “my Asian genes prevent me from actually aging or growing noticeable facial hair, which I’m sure would have made this cooler.

More than kickass nonetheless!