Taking off with a parachute/paraglider from the side of a mountain is a pretty normal adventure sports that is accessible for everyone these days. So to spice things up a bit some guys in Sweden’s far northern ski resort of Riksgränsen decided to innovate a little bit. They attached a paraglider to a snowscooter, installed a steering mechanism and found a brave guy called Antti Pendikainen. Then they took the snowmobile for a spin…..all the way till the end of a cliff….and kept on going….!!

paragliding a snowmobile

What follows is a kickass descend in midair by a dude on a snowmobile. The mountain is huge and the flight covers a vertical mile of descent.

At one point the snowmobile is literally flying next to the helicopter which is filming the stunt.

Spectacular footage and a good kickass adventure. Check it out….