A French guy named Thibault, decided to make a round the world trip for the normal reasons: have an adventure of a lifetime before settling for a normal working life.
He gave it a different angle though by snapping pictures of his feet everywhere he went. The result is a nice collection of pictures of his feet aka feet selfies with a backdrop of famous sights around the world.

From Selfies to Feet Selfies

As an avid selfies taker our French travel hero was looking for a more interesting way to take selfies during his trips. A lot of selfie spin-offs have emerged since the introduction of the frontal smartphone camera. From spinning selfies, an inspiring high-five selfie travel video and an impressive selfie every mile for 2600 miles along the PCT.

Well Frenchie came up with a new type of selfie: the feet selfie. He called his trip Le Tour du Monde de mes Pieds (round the world journey of my feet) and documented all his feet snapping on his blog. Unfortunately in French only so here follows an English version of all his highlights….

Literally ‘The World at your Feet’!!

223 days around the world snapping pictures of my feet - feet selfies

223 days around the world snapping pictures of my feet aka feet selfies

aaaa. Snapping my feet selfies

Getting great feet selfies requires a lot of lying around

His approach has been quite straightforward: lie on your back with camera in hand, lift your legs, snap the photo!

statueofliberty (Small)

Statue of liberty feet selfies

Taj Mahal feet selfies series

Taj Mahal feet selfies

Feet Selfies from around the world

Have a look at some of the cool photos he has taken on his 223 day journey around the globe and get inspired for your own original round the world trip

amstel (Small) cloud-gate (Small) coloniadelsacramento-jpg (Small) devils-marble (Small) grand-canyon (Small) halong-bay.jpg (Small) Hoi-an (Small) il-colosseo-jpg (Small) Kuala.jpg (Small) machu-picchu-jpg (Small) Mue-Ne.jpg (Small) muraille-chine-jpg (Small) niagara-falls (Small) o-cristo-redentor (Small) paindesucre-jpg (Small) PalaisRoyalBangkok.jpg (Small) pushkar-jpg (Small) redrockcanyon-jpg (Small) sa-pa (Small) TheNeck.jpg (Small) time-square (Small) torre-pendente (Small) toureiffel-jpg (Small) varanasi (Small) wallaby.jpg (Small) wat-mahathat-jpg (Small)


Some more photos here. In chronological order of his journey around the world

Day #2 : Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

This picture was very easy to take. It reminds me of the first day of the world tour, where we drop our bags in a dorm for the first time and are having a hard time imagining what he next 200 days will bring.

Londres Big-Ben



Thermal baths Széchenyi, Budapest

Snow all around the bathsand a big blue sky at an exceptional location in the centre of Budapest. Outside temperature -4 ° C, water temperature 36 ° C.

Budapest thermal baths feet selfies

Day #4 : Parque de Retiro, Madrid

Parque retiro madrid

Day #9 : Cathédrale de la Sé, Brazil

Cathedral Da Se

Day #12 :  Bay of Rio de Janeiro / Lapa Steps

Baie de rio


Christ, the Redeemer statue

The most classical and iconic image in Brazil. Yet it was one of the hardest pictures to get. To understand why, you must imagine lying on your back, legs in the air, a few meters away from a Christ standing 40 meters tall among hundreds of people walking around taking their own photos.



Day #12 More BrazilLapa Steps

Day #14 : Pain de Sucre (Pão de Açúcar)

Pain de sucre rio de janeiro Brésil

Day #17 : Paraty

Paraty brésil

Jour #24 : Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del sacramento

Day #29 : Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Punta del Diablo uruguay
Day #34 : Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

In Uruguay, while searching on Google, I had stumbled upon a photo of an inn along a deserted beach. I absolutely  want to go there and take a ‘feet picture’ with it. So I went to Cabo Polonio and I came across an even more beautiful inn, a few meters from the one I had spotted on the web! The proof:

Cabo Polonio Uruguay

Day #43 : Santiago Chile

Santiago du Chili

Day #52  : Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar Chili

Jour #55 : La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz Bolivie

Jour #57 : Salar d’Uyuni / Isla del Pescado (Bolivia)

PescadoSalar Uyuni

Day #59 : Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada

Day #61 : Copacabana, Brazil


Jour #62 : Lac Titicaca

Lac Titicaca

Day #72 : Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

Day #80 : Everglades National Park, 


Jour #90 : Cloud Gate @ Chicago

Cloud Gate

Day #98 : Killarney Provincial Park

Parc Kilarney Canada

Jour #109 : Niagara Falls

Niagara falls canada

Kata Tjuta, Australie

After a 3500 km almost non-stop drive in two days, followed by another 500 km on the 3rd day, I arrived in the heart of the red center of Australia. If did not take a ‘feet picture’ in front of the mythical Uluru but instead I immortalized my time in this region with Kata Tjuta.

A total of 70 hours driving 6000 km in 6 days. And all of that was decided on a whim.





Day #122 : Tokyo Skytree (634 m)

Tokyo Skytree

Day #128 : Temple Sensō-ji, Japan

Temple Sensō-ji tokyo sensoji

Jour #139 : The Great Wall of China

La grande muraille de chine mes pieds autour du monde
Jour #149 : Fenghuang

Day #157 : Tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

tuku-tuk dans les rues de bangkok

Day #165 : Temple Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wat Mahathat Ayutthaya
Day #173 : Aonang Cliff View Resort

DSC01008 - Copie

Full Moon Party, Haad Rhin, Thailand

Around 3 am, I needed to take a break during the Full Moon in Thailand and I am therefore sitting on the sand. Right in front of me, a young man who has clearly not turned to local alcohol, while he hardly moved during the 15 minutes I was observing him. A little bit too many magic mushrooms maybe?!

Day #176 : Noppharat beach

Beach thailand

Mt Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

Whenever I see these pictures, I think back to that beautiful sunrise, to such holders who climbed in thongs with 20 kg on the shoulders and on my return … barefoot.