As a way of promoting football, popular soccer website, came up with a classic idea of mixing two existing and hugely popular sports: skiing and football.

Skiing and Football in da mix

They put a whole bunch of Scandinavian skiers together, cleared the slopes in Geilo (Norway), added a goal at the bottom of the hill and sent all of them downhill chasing a ball.

A skiing and football match Skiing and football combined in one epic descend

The result is a brilliantly spectacular skiing football video where it appears that Norwegian freestyle skiers are good football players as well. They come flying down the mountain combining kickass ski and football tricks. In their run for scoring a goal there are even a couple of nasty fouls that are yellow card worthy.

Well after seeing this video you will definitely realise what possibly could go wrong…..a whole lot indeed

Check it out:

So next time you hit the slopes make sure to bring a soccer ball to spice things up a bit!