Craig Lewis worked his ass off for 3 years in order to be able to quit the rat race and travel the world. He hitchhiked, couch surfed, slept in airports, train aisles, floors, anywhere he needed to make his travles last as long as possible. He volunteered in Africa and flew wing suits in California. He trekked to Mt Everest base camp and Base jumped off antennas in England. He made mates for life all around the world meeting like minded people on festivals, in hostels and dodgy bars and clubs. And he gave loads of High Five s

High Five the World

He traveled to 36 countries in a little over a year and while he was at it high five d the world. The result is a cool travel-high-five video in similar fashion to the “High Five Selfie video around the World by HumanSafari”.

We can’t choose which video we like better but both of them are kickass nonetheless!

Find the video below…..


Craig Lewis high five the world Craig Lewis high five the world1 high+five Craig Lewis high five the world

High Five !!!!