Skating (or rollerblading if you like) and longboarding are sports invented for a flat, smooth surface and landscape. Now in true kickass style a skater and a longboarder have taken it one step further by climbing one of the Alps fiercest cols on it. Not downhill…no…..all the way Uphill !!

uphill skating alpe d'huez

Uphill Skating Alpe d’huez

On August 2, 2012 Ramon Schutte was the first one to uphill tackle the notorious French Col. He took his skates and climbed/skated up the 21 switchbacks of one of the Tour de France’s hardest climbs. It looks ridiculous. And it must have felt ridiculous too. But he made it and therefore crowned himself to the first uphill skater of Alpe d’huez.

Then in June 2015 Jesse van Hulst came along the Alp giant with his longboard. For the annual ‘Alpe D’huzes’ (a Dutch cancer charity sporting event) he wanted to do something original to raise for charity. After his friend’s father had died not long before he knew it had to be something really special and therefore his eye fell on his longboard.

He climbed the 14 kilometer mountain in 2 hour 54 minutes and 38 seconds. Then descended by car (the charity organizers wouldn’t let him descent by board) and to everyone’s surprise announced a second ascent. And he succeeded in that one as well making him the undisputed ‘longboard king of the hill’!! The uphill king of the hill that is of course…

Jesse van Hulst

Jesse van Hulst

Anyone else for some crazy uphilling?
Uphill skiing maybe…?!