Kenny Belaey, the Belgian nine time world trial bike champion, recently pulled off a kickass arial feat by riding his mountainbike across a slackline 112 meter high up in the air. Mountainbiking a slackline was a world’s first and a mean feat even for the bike champion!  

mountainbiking a slackline

Mountainbiking a slackline

After a six month preparation, Beleay went to La Plagne in the French alps, tied an 18 meter long slackline between two rocks at an altitude of 2700m.

He then rode his bike from one end to the other setting a world’s first for mountainbiking a slackline. The video below shows it was quite an effort, but in the end he manages to stay perfectly in balance and ‘roll’ across from one side to the other.

The fact that he won 12 medals at trial bike world championships in his career explain his skillset and the reason why he could achieve this mean kickass feat.

From initial wiggly struggle to a final perfect kickass balance!