Jacob Laukaitis, is a roving digital nomad that recently finished a 8000 km motorbike trip across 15 countries, 19 borders deciding on the fly where he would go next. Out of this digital nomadding motorbike trip he concocted – in true digital nomad style – a great 3-min travel video. The video captures the vibe of a motorbiking digital nomad nicely with a great catchy tune supporting the great travel vibe.

digital nomad motorcycle trip

Digital Nomad on a motorbike

Laukaitis left from his homeland of Lithuania without a plan of his route in advance and he didn’t even bring a map along. With this ultimate freedom he would literally decide where he would be going next every night at his hotel room just before going to sleep.
That’s some ultimate travel freedom!

Laukaitis about his motorbike trip:

In the past 2 years I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m able to do this, because I’m a digital nomad – meaning as long as I have my computer and a Wi-Fi, I’m able to do my job and thus I never lose my income. I’m currently focusing most of my time on building ChameleonJohn.com – an online coupons company I co-founded a bit more than a year ago.

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but have never been to any of the Balkan States. So I decided it’d be nice to buy a motorbike and drive all across them while still being to work remotely from behind my laptop. 

Laukaitis’ trip combining travel with work while being on the road reminds us a lot of Mark van der Heijden’s trip around the world as ‘The Backpacker Intern‘ who actually managed to work with Avicii and Nile Rodgers!

Jacob didn’t go all over the world but still racked up a good amount of countries. These are the countries he drove through:

Lithuania > Poland > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Macedonia > Kosovo > Serbia > Romania > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Lithuania.

He skipped only two of the Balkan States: Bulgaria (because people told him it’s not too interesting) and Moldova (because it would have been such a long drive the opposite direction).

When Kickasstrips got a hold of him Laukaitis told us the following about his journey:

what was the strangest encounters you had on the road?

When I was driving in Poland, it had been raining the whole day and I was soaked from head to toe. I stopped at a road-cafe to buy a cup of coffee and once the owner noticed I couldn’t even hold my cup still (I was shivering big-time), she turned super emotional and clothed me as much as she could. The fun part is we didn’t even speak the same language!

how many speeding tickets, flat tires did you have?

No flat tires and 1 ticket for driving on a one-way street (obviously, to the opposite side) in Serbia.

What was the highlight of your trip?

It is pretty hard to say, really. I guess what I enjoyed most was the actual driving and exploring the beautiful parks and mountains across the Balkans. There’s plenty of them!

I’m not sure if there was one thing that I could call the best of the best in this trip. Some of the highlights I really enjoyed were: driving down the coast of Croatia; doing the best mountain passes in Europe – Transfagarasan and Transalpina in Romania; exploring the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; checking out the UNESCO heritage site Meteora in Greece; and so much more!

how did you dedide where you would be going next? Throw a dice maybe….?

It was all very spontaneous. I’d simply ask people I’d meet on the road where they thought I should go next, I’d (sometimes) do some googling and go. After all most people travel around the Balkans for quite some time – some on busses, trains or even bicycles, so most of them had a lot of great advice.

And finally the promised video covering the trip. Enjoy!