Imagine you are flying from London to Galway in Ireland for a short holiday. You enter the plane and look for your seat. Once you locate it, to your surprise, somebody is already seated there. You tap him on the back and the moment he turns around you are shocked! The guy looks exactly like you. A real look-alike !

Meeting your look-alike in a plane

This is exactly what happened to 32-year-old Neil Douglas when in October 2015 he was flying from London to Galway.

“When I had located my seat I was surprised to see somebody seated there already. I asked him to move and when the guy looked up, I though: “Holy shit, he looks like me.”

The look-alike was 35-year old Robert Stirling. He had changed seats so that a couple could sit together.

What followed was laughter. By the entire plane. Everyone thought the striking similarities to be hilarious. They were even wearing identical black shirts!
The selfie that Douglas took right then shows how hilarious it actually was!
(note the guy in the background)

Neil Douglas with his look-alike Robert Stirling who happened to be seated next to him

But it was about to get even funnier for the look-alike …..

Checking into the same hotel

During the flight the guys had a long chat and got along really well. They parted ways when leaving the airport. But about 20 minutes later when Douglas arrived at his hotel he was shocked to see Stirling – his look-alike – already there checking in as well!!

Well there was only one next step to be taken then: “Well with that second coincidence we really had to go for some pints together”.  And that’s exactly what they did.

Two look-alikes that randomly met in the plane having a beer together

Source: Metronieuws