Daredevil James Kingston went to visit the Eiffel tower on November 8, 2015. It had been on his list of must-see places for a while so he finally went over. Logically he wanted to go to the top. But not the normal way. Instead of taking the elevator or the stairs he opted to free climb the entire Eiffel tower using the outside skeleton as his climbing playground. The result is a dazzling video of Kingston ascending one of the world’s most iconic structures!

Freeclimbing Eiffel tower James Kingston 1 (Small)

James Kingston Freeclimbing the Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower had been one of James Kingston’s goals for quite a while. And freeclimbing it was part of that plan. His initial plan was to buy tickets and ascend by lift to the second platform and then climb out of one of the stairways and freeclimb to the top. This immediately failed as it was just too busy during the day. He didn’t really have an alternative plan so after contemplating for a while he decided to wait till the night fell and give it a go then.

Kingston started at 1am at night dodging his way around the tight French security. He wormed his way past and endless line of guards and security cameras. Once he had reached about 20 meters up the side of the tower he knew he had done the hardest part of ‘not getting caught’. However it was just the beginning of the climb. He slowly climbed up through the iconic iron framework of the Eiffel tower reaching the top platform on a height of over 300 meters without any problems.

Freeclimbing Eiffel tower James Kingston 3 (Small)

Half way up the Eiffel tower’s iron skeleton

The start of the Eiffel tower trouble

In an act of boyish curiosity Kingston opened the door of the building and went in. Almost immediately a walkie talkie went off blasting out French gibberish (for Kingston who doesn’t speak French). What he did understand was that they had been spotted so he fled back out running to the edge of the platform and flinging downwards hiding in a couple of holes underneath the platform. Hours went by with the security going up and down rushing very closely past them, but without spotting them. All the light on the Eiffel tower were turned on to ease the security guards search. But in vain. They did not find the daredevil climber.

Hiding just underneath the top Eiffel tower platform

Hiding just underneath the top Eiffel tower platform

After a long night the sun started rising and not long after the first workers and tourists arrived at the top platform.

Then around 9am their luck was over and one of the guards spotted them. He was immediately arrested and deported down. A harsh interrogation of six hours followed. Surprisingly he was released in the afternoon without any charges being pressed. The only thing he had to do was to promise that he wouldn’t climb the Eiffel tower for three years.

Let’s see what will happen in on November 8 in 2018?! 😉

Check out the kickass video of his ascent here: