Denis Yushin is the self-proclaimed “most extreme barber in the world”. And he has a point! And a mean pair of scissors and beard trimmers that he carries with him while he travels the world searching for people he can give a neat haircut in an extreme location!

Traveling on his motorbike he calls himself the ‘motobarber’ and wherever he rides his bike his goal is to give a hair cut or a beard trim in an as extreme location as possible.

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Motobarber - just a normal barbershop haircut

The Motorbike Barber

Yushin left his home town of Krasnoyarsk on the 29th of May 2015 with the goal of ‘moto-barbering’ his way around the world in about six years time.

He left behind his wife and five-year-old daughter and his plan was to fund the trip by giving people haircuts along the way in exchange for fuel, food, and thrilling experiences.

That he was serious about his extreme barbering business shows on his motorbike. Before departure he equipped it with special pockets and power sockets for all his hair-dressing equipment.

A close friend described Yushin’s mission nicely: “He’s passionate about hairdressing, travelling, and his motorbike. Some may think he’s bonkers leaving his wife and daughter for six years, but we all understand.”

An airborne haircut while paragliding

So far Denis has put on extreme hairdressing performances in Mongolia, China, South Korea, and the Philippines, choosing extreme places for each of them – on top of a live volcano, on a nudist beach, and even while paragliding at a height of 1,000 feet above the ground. The sky is probably the last place anyone would want to get their hair cut, but Russian native Aleksandr Orlov wanted to experience just that. So he made Yushin an offer – a free ride in his paraglider in Vietnam, in exchange for an airborne haircut. Naturally, Yushin couldn’t refuse – it was just the kind of experience he was looking for.

Motobarber - Paragliding haircut

The duo started by attaching strings to all the barber’s tools so they wouldn’t blow away in the wind.

Orlov later recounted the extreme and surreal experience to get his hair cut in midair: “Denis started to cut my hair when we got to 1,000 feet. He used a mechanical razor most of the time, but he also used an ordinary razor. It was kind of uncomfortable when someone is touching your neck while the paraglider is backing in the wind. I have some scratches left, but it is cool. We had three cameras, one on Denis’s forehead, the second was mounted to my hand, and the third was attached to a rope.”

An underwater haircut & shave

But Yushin’s toughest barber job yet has been underwater, for Kazakhstan diver Vasiliy Kalashnikov (his real last name by the way). The underwater haircut was performed at the bottom of the Sulu Sea, on Panglao Island in the Philippines. It was difficult for the diver to keep still, and the hair kept moving in the water as Yushin tried to cut it. After a strenuous hour of cutting Yushin completed the haircut while he even added a shave too.

Motobarber - Underwater haricut

Other extreme haircutting locations

Barber fetished Yushin is really dedicated to do as many haircuts in as many different locations and situations as possible. So far this has resulted in him giving haircuts in the middle of the desert, in a flooded street in Vietnam, on the top of a volcano, balancing on top of a building ridge, in a lake (this time above the water surface), on a beach,…..

Motobarber - on the beach Motobarber - Krasnoyarsk viewpoint haircut Motobarber - balancing act 4 meters above the groundMotobarber - haircut in a cold lake
Motobarber - at the ocean1 Motobarber - at the airport

Well you get the point: nothing is too extreme for the Motobarber!


Yushin documents his extreme haircutting and beard shaving motorbiking trip on his website and on his instragram account

On his website you can also invite him to visit you and give you a free haircut or shave as long as you have a extreme location in mind!

Follow him on social media by looking for the hashtage #motobarber as well.

If you are keen on getting an extreme haircut make sure you find yourself somewhere on his planned route: Krasnoyarsk – Baikal – Vladivostok – Japan – Kamchatka – Alaska – Canada – the Pacific Coast of America up to Argentina – America’s Atlantic coast – Europe and Africa – Asia – Australia – Krasnoyarsk

Oh and he might drop in at Antarctica, if the circumstances are cool and fortunate, to make name as the continent’s best barber over there!


Motobarber - Denis Yushin