The Northern Light – officially called the Aurora Borealis – is a natural phenomenon that is beyond stunning. The play of lights in the sky really is beyond beautiful and it should be on everyone’s bucketlist to at least ones see this spectacle in person.

That Norway is one of the countries where you can best observe the Northern Light is very well known. It was there, in the Northern city of Trømso, that Spanish acrobatic paraglider Horacio Llorens went to combine his love for paragliding with the craziest natural light show on earth. 400km North of the Arctic Circle Llorens had to wait till the circumstances where perfect and the Aurora Borealis displayed itself in full force. 

To deal with the freezing temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius in mid winter Llorens suited up in a wetsuit and battery-heated gloves. He took along his paramotor to make sure he could fly and steer himself as close to the Northern Light as possible.

“The 200 cc paramotor gave me the chance to climb whenever I wanted – or get out of trouble if I needed to,” Llorens said.

Coloured spotlights were also aboard make his chute stand out against the starry blackness of the sky, the green ribbons of the sun’s particles hitting the earth’s atmosphere swirling behind him

paragliding-in-the-aurora-borealis-in-tromso-norway paragliding-in-the-aurora-borealis-in-tromso-norway 2

What followed is one of the most spectacular showcases of human flight in the Norwegian“natural-amphitheatre-of-light” that is the Aurora Borealis!

Afterwards Llorens said “It feels like clouds are in front of you, 500m away, but in reality they’re 15,000m over your head”. That’s exactly what it looks like on the spectacular video…

Really beyond colourful imagination!