Taking original holiday pics is nothing new. But going so far as to drop your pants on your ankles, dangle out your ‘precious male package’ while snapping a picture in front of some noteworthy vista is…well… quite a hype as it appears! And it is called Nutscaping! More and more men are taking pictures of their dangling testicles on extreme locations.
Here is the why and how of this bizarre travel photography trend.

Nutscaping, a travel photography trend, sunset

The Nutscaping Technique

Nutscaping is a photo-taking trend which involves dropping your trousers, whipping out some testicles (yours, if you have them), and gently hovering above the camera so your balls hang down like a majestic moon in the sky.

The Nutscaping movement has been around since 2007 and originates from the website nutscapes.com. The site calls itself “THE LAND OF THE BRAVE AND THE HOME OF THE FREE” a site dedicated to -Selfies for real Men!

Nutscaping, a travel photography trend, Hollywood (Small)

The website which is dedicated to capturing the phenomenon has even shared a handy guide on how to capture a great nutscape::

  1. Find yourself somewhere awesome
  2. Turn your back to the awesome scene
  3. Drop your pants, let ‘em breathe, stabilize, and bend over to shoot your Nutscape back through your legs.
  4. Share!

Nutscaping, a travel photography trend 1 (Small) Nutscaping, a travel photography trend (Small)

It is good to note that there are a few rules. Like no dick tips. It’s all about the balls boys!

The creators of nutscapes also have a few helpful hints to increase your nutscaping pleasure:

Keep it Loose: sweatpants, athletic shorts, and pants without zippers and buttons make for easiest access. Then, after having located a great spot, try to find your balance: adjust width of stance to accommodate hanging state (high or low) of nuts. But be aware: when Nutscaping at height use free hand to anchor.

And a very important one: Mind the tip, we’re not into dick-pics.

Having hairy – non-shaven – balls is ok as well. It even adds to the more natural, forestry, feel of the picture…

Nutscaping, a travel photography trend, a very hairy one (Small)

Not the first nudity travel photo trend

Showing off certain nude body parts while traveling the world is a universal recurring theme. For females the big craze was inspired by the “Topless Travel Tour” were girls take topless pictures on amazing locations..

Then there was the Naked Handstander who did it naked and upside down! And the “No Pants Subway riders” and “Naked Bike riders” wanted to be literally on the move while dressing down. And Israeli Amichay Rab took it even one step further with “My Naked Trip” where he got his picture taken at famous destinations round the world…completely naked.

Send in your Nutscape pics

So it is about time for you to join in on one of these travel trends. And you are lucky as the Nutscapes website is community driven photography project where they are waiting for you to send in your nutscapes! You can submit them here and – if they are good enough – they will get published on the ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ section of their nutscape gallery. A true honourable showcase of the best and most beautiful balls….

If you don’t have the guts to snap one in public you can always do an indoor version..

Nutscaping, a travel photography trend, an indoor pic (Small)

Now you know how to take an original holiday picture on your next travels

Source: nutscapes.com, metro.co.uk