His name is Will Hodson but he is better known as his alterego SuperCyclingMan.

And super Cycling Man has embarked on a 5-year cycling adventure pedalling to and on every continent on earth, including Antarctica. And he is doing it all the way dressed in blue tights while wearing a red cape; a real Super Cycling Man!

Supercyclingman website frontpage (Small) Supercyclingman - superman cycling Will Hodson

Riding 100,000 km and raising £100,000

Hodson started his trip on the 30th of May 2015 pedalling away from his home in Putney, United Kingdom. Ever since he has crossed all of Europe and covered several thousands of kilometers of his grand 100,000 km goal. He plans to ride on for five years in order to raise £100,000 to support the amazing work done by The World Cancer Research Fund, Parkinson’s UK, World Bicycle Relief and Sustrans.


Impromptu shoot with the Super Cycling Man (Will Hodson )

Super Cycling Man Will Hodson

SuperCyclingMan route map

SuperCyclingMan route map

And this is how he plans to do all that:

Inspiring kids along the way

Hodson (38) quit his job as a school teacher in order to become Super Cycling Man. However he has not stopped teaching. One of his main passions and goals is to educate and inspire children around the world about what he is doing. He wants to get children to cycle more and understand the importance of moving, riding and exploring. He visits schools along the way to propagate his message of cycling inspiration. Wearing his SuperCyclingMan suit he is quick to capture children’s imagination and they listen to him in awe…SuperCyclingMan really does have super powers!   

If you have a look at SuperCyclingMan’s school visiting pics you are quick to understand how awesome this inspirational cyclist really is. And why kids (and we) love him.     

Supercyclingman - visiting school (Small) Supercyclingman - visiting Firs school in Chester (Small) supercyclingman - make the world a better place by getting kids on bikes (1)

SuperCyclingMan just arrived in Georgia, and by sheer coincidence that is the home of yet another cycling superhero…..

SuperCyclingMan in Georgia

SuperCyclingMan in Georgia

Cycling Superheroes: SuperCyclingMan vs. Jumber Lezhava

SuperCyclingMan claims no-one has ever cycled across every continent on earth and, logically, he plans to become the first person to achieve this goal. A superhero worthy goal indeed. But he might not have heard about one other cycling superhero -previously covered on kickasstrips – that indeed cycled to and across every continent on earth: Georgian native Jumber Lezhava!

Jumber Lezhava, did cycle to every continent on Earth. He started in 1993 and cycled around the globe for the subsequent 10 years. And he even made it to Antarctica. In total he cycled to 234 countries covering 264,000km on every other continent on Earth!
He did not wear a cool cape though…..but instead he was a push-up superhero as he was the world push-up record holder for many years doing 4,800,000 push ups in one year (and 157 in one minute)!

That makes him both a push-ups and cycling superhero adventurer! 

Jumber Lezhava route map

Jumber Lezhava’s 264,000km cycling route

(Cycling) superheroes do indeed exist!