Imagine a shared travel adventure where 100 people travel overland with one VW Kombi Van from Chile to Alaska….
Now imagine doing this for 1000 days straight…..
With 10 engine breakdowns and 10 tiring and expensive repairs and/or replacements….
Camping on deserted beaches and in lush forrests….
And imagine documenting all this on camera and turning it in your own “on the road travel documentary series”…
Well meet travel kickassness Hasta Alaska and their epic communal road trip through the Americas!

The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (welcome Alaska)

The Hasta Alaska project

The Hasta Alaska project was conceived by Ben, a backpacker from the UK who, once in Chile conceived the idea to buy an old beat up VW kombi van, convert it in a campervan and drive it up to Alaska. His idea was – to buy, build and SHARE the greatest road tripping vehicle in history, the VW Kombi Bus. 

Along the way he would pick up hitchhikers and willing travelers to join him on his roadtrip and adventure.  They would sleep, wash and cook together off the grid and on the move finding the best spots in the Americas.

The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip(1) The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (sleeping in van) The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (curious locals)

The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (4a)

A very Long Way Up

That it was going to be a ‘Long Way Up’ all the way to Alaska was sure. However that it was going to be over 1000 days was …well a bit of a surprise.

One of the main reasons for the slow progress was the amount of engine breakdowns on the Kombi. Ben has singlehandedly rebuilt the engine an incredibly frustrating 10 times, teaching himself how to do that during multiple month lasting repair stops.

The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (engine repair)

He broke down on an erupting volcano, traversed the mighty Andes (several times), witnessed a murder, been offered class A drugs by policemen, crashed into a bus, been stuck in a Bolivian river, trekked the Amazon with 20 indigenous kids and picked up a couple of pet chickens and Peruvian puppy, named Alaska, that has become his best travel mate.

The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip(2) The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (5)

1000 days on the road

One thousand days – or three years – on the road while documenting it on video resulted in this milestone-marking video that is full of adventure, mishap and unbelievable travel tales…really watch the nine minutes and you get a grasp what kind of adventure this guy has thrown himself in!

The Hasta Alaska Documentary Series

The full documentary series of their ‘eternal’ roadtrip from Chile to Alaska is well worth watching. It contains episodes to the likes of ‘Live Cheap, Eat Free’, Naked Cuba, Jungle life in Belize, Mexican Nightmare and Guatemala, stuck in paradise….

The series is part travelogue, adventure madness and a visually stunning love declaration for the great travel vehicle: the Volkswagen Kombi van.

In the first episode of their Epic Van Life Adventure, you can see the beginnings of Co’Pito (the name of the VW Kombi van), see how the van was made and what life is like on “the roads less travelled” in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Filmish not the best episode as the quality greatly goes up along the way as they learn how to shoot and edit videos better, but the adventure vibe – that is sure to infect you – is definitely there!

If you -like Hasta Alaska – are a grand lover of the Volkswagen Kombi van than you should also watch the documentary about the history of this vehicle’s place in the travel community. Check it out here.

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In the meantime why not follow Hasta Alaska and their neverending adventure…or join them for a part of the journey and become a part of their Kombilife travel kickassness.. (Alaska’s own story)