Indonesia is a country that is not yet very known for its great kickass adventures. However, the following kickass adventures will surely convince you that it is one of the world’s best adventure travel destinations…. 

Sunset in adventurous Indonesia

Sunset in adventurous Indonesia

Locals proving how adventurous Indonesia is..

We start with a group of locals that prove the unbounded adventure travel potential of Indonesia through an inspiring story…

The fact that great and incredibly diverse adventures are to be had in Indonesia shows in the beautiful documentary ‘The Eight Parallel’. Shot on the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, this documentary tells the stories of four adventurous Indonesian women who engage in great adventures. In Indoneisa this is a rare sight and the ‘girl power’ team has to deal with many prejudices when they embark on their adventures. The eight parallel shows them climbing, riding and surfing their way around their country and it hightlights the boundless potential of both an adventureous group of  women and Indonesia as a diverese travel  adventure destination.  

The Eight Parallel shows that Indonesia is a great destination for many different types of adventure travel. From surfing, biking, climbing and kayaking…..

So let’s dive into some concrete Indonesian kickass adventures now…

Surfing paradise Anyer

When people think about surfing in Indonesia it is always Bali that first comes to mind. However it is well worth looking beyond this overpriced and tourist flooded island. A whole different surf scene worth considering is to be found on Java in the Anyer area. Pasauran is the most consistent wave in this part of Indonesia with beautiful 4-6 ft barrels.

It is one of the places where our kickass travel heros from “EAT.SLEEP. SURF. a bicycle and surfing adventure across Indonesia” went to catch some great swells too.

Eat. Sleep. Surf Indonesia biking and surfing travel (Small)

During their three and a half month journey they considered it one of their Indonesian highlights with the Aston Anyer Beach Hotel as a good starting point. Find it through this great easy online hotels booking website here.

In anyer there are usually locals around which you can ask where to find the best waves of the day. Find them in a little hut called Bandulu on Pantai Anyer. They will often follow you into the waves which adds to the local kickass indonesian surf experience!

An 18,000 island kayayaking paradise

In a country with around 18,000 islands it is sure that a kayak is a great means of transportation and exploration. And the sumatra challenge kayaking adventure is there to prove it.

In 2011 two young Dutchmen set out to paddle their kayaks around the world’s 5th biggest island, the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it became an adventure of a lifetime that should serve you Indonesian travel inspiration …

Well there are 17,999 more islands that beckon to be explored by kayak….!
The Anyer tip of Java would make for a great starting point once again.

Indonesia the country of 18,000 Islands and unlimited water travel

Indonesia the country of 18,000 Islands and unlimited water travel

Mountainbiking Anyer and Java

Eat. Sleep. Surf Indonesia biking and surfing travel adventure (Small)

The guys from the EAT.SLEEP.SURF adventure already showed that Indonesia is a great cycling and surfing destination

Everyone knows Indonesia is a surfing paradise, but did you know that it is a kickass mountain biking paradise as well. Just ask Tito Tomasi, the traveler who took his bike all over Indonesia and documented it in this visually stunning video on Epic Tv. Watch it and you can feel the islands’ amazing and kickass energy as Tito rolls through them.    

So if you crave adventure on your next travels or holiday do know that Indonesia and Anyer should be on your radar now!