When we talk surfing we logically imagine a warm tropical place with sandy beaches and lush waves rolling in. Well forget all that when you find out about a group of kickass surfers who live in the arctic and go Surfing Siberia. They put on thick wet suits, cover their faces in vaseline to prevent frostbite and use their snowboards to reach the most difficult accessible surfing beaches and catch waves under the Northern Light. Welcome to the unique experience that is surfing in siberia!

Surfing Siberia _ Arctic Ocean winter surf Surfing Siberia _Arctic Ocean winter surf [1]

Surfing Siberia: catching waves on the Arctic Ocean

The Surfers Konstantin Kokorev, Sergey Rasshivaev and Nikolay Rahmatov are surf addicts and the sheer fact that they happen to live in the far North of Russia is not stopping them from surfing regularly.

In the Murmansk area of Russia’s arctic the guys have been surfing in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and even winter. During any season the arctic waters are freezing and thick wetsuits are an indispensable part of a surfer’s equipment over there. Even in summer.

Surfing Siberia Arctic Ocean winter surf [3] Surfing Siberia a frigid Arctic Ocean winter surf [4]

Surfing Siberia Arctic Ocean winter surf [6] (Small)

Snowboarding to your Surf Spot

In winter there is the added benefit that the siberian surfers could snowboard to their favourite surfspots. A snowmobile tow makes the first uphill part easier but the descend afterwards, with surfboard under the arm, is one of the better ‘drop ins’  we have seen any surfer do.

Surfing Siberia an Arctic Ocean winter surf..arriving by Snowboard [1]

Surfing under the Northern Light

An extra added benefit for surfing in winter time in the far North is the ever impressive Northern Light. The long dark nights make it possible to actually surf under the Northern Light, in similar fashion to the guys who went paragliding through the Northern Light.

It must be one of the most unique surfing experiences you can have….and if you can deal with the cold it is definitely worth it.

Surfing Siberia_Arctic Ocean winter surf and camping Surfing Siberia_Arctic Ocean winter surfing Northern Light [1]

Surfing Siberia_Arctic Ocean winter surfing Northern Light

Surfing Siberia Arctic Ocean winter surf [5] (Small)

Surfing Siberia Documentary

The surf dudes have documented their unusual surfing adventures over the course of a year and it has resulted in an inspiring surfing documentary.

The movie tells us about the three Russian surfers riding their boards on the arctic waves of Russia’s Siberian far North. Only few ones have tried surfing at this latitude, even fewer have tried it in Russia. The movie’s been shot during one year at different locations in the Murmansk region in differing seasons and ever changing conditions.
And it is a visually stunning and highly original surfing film…

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