What would happen if you took a group of Inuit people, that are used to only ice and snow and below freezing temperatures, and put them in a place with the best and warmest climate on Earth? Well that’s what the makers of the documentary ‘ The Smile of the Sun ‘ wanted to find out. And it is brilliant.

The Smile of the Sun and the unlikely journey of a group of Greenland Inuit to the Canary Islands

The Smile of the Sun and the unlikely journey of a group of Greenland Inuit to the Canary Islands

The Smile of the Sun

Anthropologist Francesc Bailón to the frozen desert of Greenland many times to study the Inuits way of life and culture. He starts wondering what would happen if some Inuit, who are used to living under extreme conditions, spent some days in a place with the best climate in the world?

Inuit that live in areas where the temperature drops to -35 degrees in winter are taken to the Spanish Canary Islands so well-known for its above +35 degrees temperatures. The inhabitants from Kulusk Greenland can’t believe they can go swimming in the sea….and wear short and t-shirts only during the day…it is indeed the sun that smiles at them.

The smile of the sun, Greenland Inuit in the Canary Islands (1)

An African in Greenland & Greenlanders in (almost) Africa

The Smile of the Sun is basically the reverse travel story of the classic ‘An African in Greenland‘ where a sub-Saharan African who dreams of visiting the snow and ice of Greenland embarks on a journey and ends up living there for many years. He literally becomes the first African in Greenland!

In the smile of the sun 11 Inuits embark on a journey the other way: away from the snow and ice and towards the heat of the Canary Islands, just off the African coast. It is a fascinating visual journey that is sure to put a smile on your face…

The documentary was part of the anthropological project which aim was to observe and to record the reactions and emotions that the Inuit population of Greenland, a place with an extreme and permanently overcast climate of ice, would experience during their stay in the Canary Islands, the place with the best climate of the world.

Well a lot of smiles…that is for sure!