Anyone who has backpacked extensively, gone on a gapyear trip around the world or just gone on a adventurous journey anywhere has done his fair share of pre-tripping internet research. You start by googling the straightforward search terms like: travel, round the world trip, rtw ticket, backpacking, gapyear, roadtrip,…..etc etc…

However soon enough you will find yourself stumbling upon a whole range of unfamiliar terms that seem to dominate the hipster travel blogs and websites. And trust me there are a whole lot of them….

Kickasstrips Travel Words & Vocabulary

We at kickasstrips love these new travel words that are turning into a whole new travel vocabulary worth knowing….if only to impress your fellow travelers or new friends you met on the road.

Often they come from foreign languages where they are more capable of capturing a certain feeling in one word. Even the better…you learn a new language at the same time….and we can collectively try to use these cool travel words so often that they eventually end up in the English dictionary!

So we we are going to introduce a whole many of these cool travel related words. And we will do this in our new KickassTrips blog category: Travel Words & Vocabulary.

Travel Words & Vocab No. 1: Resfeber

The first word in our kickasstrips travel words and vocab has to to with the anticipation of an upcoming trip. Every traveler knows this feeling of excitement and heart-raising-anticipation for that trip you have been saving and planning for months or years. Well there is a word for that in the Swedish language. A very useful word that can be applied to this ultimate longing for an upcoming holiday, vacation or trip of a lifetime. And this word is: Resfeber.

(n.) the restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; a ‘travel fever’ that can manifest as an illness.

kickasstrips travel words & vocab: Resfeber

kickasstrips travel words & vocab: Resfeber

It is such a useful word that we encourage you using it in the English language…and maybe someday it becomes standard use and an addition to the dictionary

Find the definition of ‘resfeber’ below in printable jpeg version so you can print it and hang it on your travel pinboard, next to all those other inspirational newspaper clippings and magazine photos.

Travel Words Resfeber (