Most cyclist are looking for the lightest of bicycles to increase handling and speed …and travel lightly. Frank Dose from Germany has taken the complete opposite approach by building the world’s heaviest bicycle. Just for shits-and-giggles!


The world’s heaviest bicycle weighs 1080 kg

Frank Dose’s original plan was to build a festival bike of scrap metal that he could ride around on the famous German Wacken open air festival. When a friend of him saw the initial drawings he doubted Dose would be able to construct this mean machine bicycle in reality as it looked like a bicycle straight out of the Transformers movie. To prove his friend wrong Dose went full force ahead and started building his bicycle.

Dose found some old giant tires from a farming fertilizer spreader machine, loads of scrap metal and some normal bicycle pedals to build his monster bicycle. The tires have a diameter of 1.53 meter and weigh hundreds of kilos easily getting him into the range of the world’s heaviest bicycles. Using some more scrap metal he easily broke the world record by more than 200kg as Dose’s bike weighs a whopping 1,080 kilograms.

In spite of this weight Dose says the bike is easy to handle and ride. To prove his point he rode it a hundred meters in front of an ecstatic crowd on September 3, 2016. With a speed of 5km/h his bike is easily overtaken by pedestrians but the ride of 100 meters made sure he took the Guinness World Record for world’s heaviest rideable bicycle.


And noting the beer-crate-saddle he has mounted we are sure he has his drinks always comfortably handy….

World biggest snowboard, skateboard,…

Dose is clearly not the first to build a vehicle of epic proportions. His epic bicycle can easily rival with the world’s biggest skateboard and snowboard for the title ‘most kickass vehicle’ on earth…of which the world’s biggest skateboard crashed in spectacular fashion…find those stories here


Source: RTL germany