The most remote place on earth (Small)

Often people travel to “get away from it all”. That is indeed a good reason to hit the road. But where exactly is this place that is furtherst away from it all? And How far away can you actually get from everybody else? Let’s find out and travel to the most remote place on earth !!

Pitcairn Island: the world’s most remote island?

The middle of nowhere Pacific island of Pitcairn is an immediate contender for this title. As shown previously on kickasstrips this island has a crazy history filled with shipwrecks, insane survival stories and a population of several dozen that all stem from one genetic forefather. The kickass documentary reenacted a big part of the islands fascinating history including an epic boat journey (btw the only way to get there). Find the entire story here and make sure to check out the kickass documentary ‘Take me to Pitcairn: a journey to the world’s most remote island”.

is Pitcairn island the most remote place on earth ?!

is Pitcairn island the most remote place on earth ?!

Tristan Da Cunha

Apart from Pitcairn in the Pacific there is another archipelago that claims to be the world’s most remote place: Tristan Da Cunha.
Tristan da Cunha is the name of both a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) from the nearest inhabited land (Saint Helena) and 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) from the nearest continental land South Africa. As of September 2016, the main island has 265 permanent inhabitants making it at least way more populous than Pitcairn island.

Tristan da cunha - the most remoste place on earth ?!

Tristan da cunha – the most remoste place on earth ?!

or Point Nemo, Bouvet Island, South Pole, Devon Island,…?

There are actually a lot more (creative) answers to the question of what is the world’s most remote place you can travel to. Quite some fun ones too….and a whole lot of surprising ones…like Canadian’s Devon Island, the South Pole, Bouvet Island and Point Nemo. Hilariously point Nemo is so remote that the astronauts in the International Space Shuttle are far closer to you than other humans on earth are.

To get the full lowdown on all of these incredibly remote places on earth sit back and enjoy a virtual journey to the loneliest and furthest away place from anyone and anywhere….
And who knows it becomes one of your next bucketlist destinations…?!