With more and more airlines charging for checked in luggage a bunch of clever travelers have come up with smart ways to avoid these fees with an Airplane jacket featuring 14 pockets that will let you carry 33 pounds of luggage. The airplane jacket is a real luggage hack turning your jacket into real wearable luggage !


Luggage hack: Airplane jacket that is wearable luggage

Designed to help frequent flyers bypass airport baggage queues, reduce baggage fees and virtually eliminate the risk of lost luggage, this modular Airport Jacket features 14 pockets and two detachable “pocket panels” that fit around 15 kilograms of luggage.

Travel enthusiast and designer of the jacket Claire Murphy explains:

“With airlines beginning to charge for overhead carry-on baggage as well as severely restricting baggage allowances for the low fare economy traveler, my partner and I have designed a modular jacket that allows you to wear your laptop, tablet, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, five t-shirts, a jumper and an SLR camera. It totals 14 deep pockets, including eight pockets at hip length, 11 pockets at three-quarter length and 14 pockets at full length. It includes two detachable pocket panels, and a carry-on size duffle bag.”

Claire and Benke Murphy came up with the idea for the Airport Jacket while traveling home with their newborn child. They had so much extra carry-on luggage, because of the baby, that the airline tried to charge them $140 for it, more than the cost of their tickets. To dodge the excess fee they put as many items as possible in their pockets: gadget chargers, diapers and toys until they were just over the weight limit. They managed to avoid paying the tax, but everything was sticking out of their pockets and it was a pretty uncomfortable plane ride. That’s when they decided that there was a massive need for a solution to this problem, and the idea for the Airport Jacket was born.

A “suitcase jacket”

“Wearers need simply slide their luggage into the jacket pockets when checking in and boarding the flight, and once safely off the plane the jacket can easily be unzipped and transformed into a duffle bag capable of holding both the jacket plus all items in the pockets,” Juice Promotions Australia, the company behind this unique product, claims. And the best thing about this wearable bag is that it looks just like a regular jacket even when stocked full of stuff.

Currently the Murphy’s are running a kickastarter campaign to get their wearable luggage idea onto the market. You can support their idea here.

Concealed carrying clothing

As with almost all great inventions however, the Murphy’s weren’t the first ones to come up with this idea. In 2010 professional vagabonder Rolf Potts went on an experiment to travel around the world with No baggage using concealed carrying clothing. As the author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, Potts was definitely not the most unlikely candidate to have come up with this kickass travel experiment. He traveled 6 weeks, to 12 countries, crossing the equator four times with only items he could carry in his Scottevest jacket. Quite an epic journey where he saved a lot of time not checking his baggage. Read the full story here.

Concealed carrying clothing worn in the No Baggage challenge

Concealed carrying clothing worn in the No Baggage challenge

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