Norway’s Nordkapp, Europe’s Northern most point named North Cape in English, captures many a traveler’s imagination. It is one of those ultimate roadtrip destinations that you have to visit once in a lifetime. And that’s exactly what 3 Greek friends did in 2016. On motorcycles. And they documented it beautifully in a kickass motorcycle touring Film with amazing drone footage…all the way up North to the Nordkapp on their Honda twin motocycles…A kickass Honda Roadtrip was born!

11,000 km on Honda Africa Twin Motocycles to the Nordkapp

For years the Greek friends Anestis Pantazis, Nickolas Moustakas and Stefanos Karampampas had been dreaming to ride their motorbikes all the way up to the Nordkapp, and back. And finally in 2016 they decided to go for it with the help from Honda roadtrip they embarked on their great Nordkapp adventure.

They rented an empty warehouse and turned it into their trip planning Headquarters aka motorbike workshop. Here is where they did all the pre trip planning and prepping of the Honda Africa twin motorcycles they were about to take on a big adventure.

As the North of Norway contains some rough terrain the guys outfitted their bikes with some spare Honda dirt bike parts and the Best Pirelli motorcycle tires they could get their hands on.  

After all only the best will do for a motorbike trip covering 11,000 km across 17 countries in 22 days.

Honda Roadtrip Motorcycle touring documentary

Apart from making an epic trip the Greek guys also managed to create a gorgeous kickass motorcycle touring documentary that could have easily made our list of ‘Top 25 best motorcycle touring documentary films’.

Great camera work combined with epic riding shots make it a visually impressive motorbike adventure riding film that will make you want to jump on your bike and hit the road.​

Riding up to Bulgaria’s UFO: Buzludzha

Especially noteworthy – and a personal favourite of mine – is the shot of the three friends riding up to the mountain top monument of Buzludha in Bulgaria. The UFO shaped building – located on a mountain top in the middle of BUlgaria – makes for a stunning backdrop of an amazing motorbike approach. Check it out from 8:30 min and onwards. Great start of their kickasstrip.

Buzludzha Nordkapp Motorcycle Touring Adventure by Honda Roadtrip

Up the world’s best driving road: Transfagarasan pass

The boy s are definitely up to a great start as on their 2nd day they drive up to the worlds’s best driving road…as declared by Top Gear in 2010.

The Transfagarasan mountain road or national road 7C is one of the most spectacular roads in the world. It is 90 km (56 miles) long and is located in Romania. It runs trough the Fagaras mountains (trans + Fagaras). As a part of the Transsylvanian Alps this is a road straight through Dracula land”

Transfagarasan road - Nordkapp Motorcycle Touring Adventure by Honda Roadtrip

Amazing drone footage

All in all the motorcycle documentary stands out through its abundant drone footage which results in great – and high speed – footage from a birds eye view. Have a look at this great documentary….and afterwards you find 25 other fantastic motorcycle touring documentary films here.

But first enjoy Nordkapp the movie by the great Honda Roadtrip …