There are some special races in the world that are worth traveling half the globe for. When it comes to marathons the most special and demanding one of them is surely Nepal’s gruelling Everest Marathon. The race begins at Base Camp on the South Side of the mountain,  at an altitude of 5364 meters (17,598 ft), making it the highest trail running event on the planet. And it only gets tougher from there on…..

Running the Everest Marathon

The marathon’s first difficulty starts with the fact that the starting line is in Everest base camp. This means you will have to trek to base camp before you can even participate. However, the good news is that most of the marathon is downhill from there. From the starting point of 5364 meter you will descend to the finish line at 3,440m in Namache.

Everest Marathon altitude profile displayed in blue

Everest Marathon altitude profile displayed in blue

It is however nothing like a normal run as certain sections of the gruelling trail run involve scrambling over icy rocks and slippery slopes.

Starting in Everest base camp the marathon leads all the way to Namche Bazar

Everest Marathon route map

Everest Marathon film

Christopher Mohn, accompanied by photographer and videographer Bjarne Salénran the  Everest marathon from Everest Basecamp all the way to Namche Bazar. The result is an intense movie about Chris and his fight against Lyme Disease, his way back to normal live and of course his dream to participate in the world´s highest marathon. It displays Mohn’s adventure of a lifetime and definitely classifies as a kickass trip. Very inspirational in a breathtaking environment that is sure to impress you. Shocasing true adventure and a stunning Nepal…


Mount Everest kickass adventures

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