Every long-term traveler knows about their ‘worrying mom’ back home that needs an update every so much time to assure you are still ‘alive’. Jonathan Quiñonez, a 27-year-old from Belgium felt the same thing when he embarked on a round the world trip.. And to reassure his Mom that he was doing fine he started posing with a ‘Mom I am fine’ sign in all the pics he posted on social media. The result: a happy mom and a traveling internet sensation!

Mom I'm fine


Mom I’m fine World Trip

Quinonez quit his job as a consultant and sold his car at the start of 2016 to travel the globe.
Quinonez started his journey in Cuba as he wanted to visit the island nation before it sees an expected boom in tourism. It was a great start but:

“When I arrived there with the time difference, the Communist party blocking the Internet and the prices of phone calls being sky high, it was difficult to communicate with my friends and family. As my mother is a Latin mother, always worried, I had to find a way to tell her that I was fine. So I found a way. I started to take pictures in a lot of funny or scary situations with my sign saying “Mom, I’m fine”. Whatever the situation was: jumping out of a plane, diving or even next to crocodiles. I was always finding a way to give my message.”

And it worked.

Within no time Quinonez became a traveling instagram sensation with over 250.000 followers with only 82 posts. And with good reason cause his pics are both stunning and hilarious…each time reaching out to his mom: Mom I’m fine

Some of the  shots of Quinonez Mom I’m fine world trip show him skydiving over Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Swimming with whale sharks, cruising Halong bay in Vietnam, standing in crystal clear water off the coast of Panama, scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, attending a football match in Medellin, Colombia and hanging out with monks at Myanmar’s sacred bagan temple complex.

Mom I'm fine Mom I'm fine I

Kickass quirky trip that we hope continues for a long time…which resembles the ‘follow me’ world trip instgram sensation of last year: Follow me photography world trip

Follow Jonathan Quinonez’ instragram account here: https://www.instagram.com/momimfine/


Source: boredpanda