Skiing in North Korea in Masikryong Ski Resort

When you think about North Korea you don’t immediately think about skiing and snowboarding. Well think again as the great leader of the world’s most secluded country decided to build a luxury ski resort! So maybe for your next winter holiday you might want to think about going snowboarding and skiing in North Korea!

Snowboarding & Skiing in North Korea

When Jamie Barrow, Britain’s fastest snowboarder, was granted access to go snowboarding in North Korea in February of 2017 he didn’t have to think a second and hopped on a plane to Beijing and subsequently to PyongYang. He, and a group of other exotic skiers and snowboarders, were granted access to North Korea’s hyper luxury ski destination: the Masikryong ski resort.  The Masikryong Ski Resort (마식령 스키장) is located  4 hours outside of Pyongyang and sits at the summit of the 1,360-metre (4,460 ft) Taehwa Peak (대황산). The controversial resort was built with a donated 30 year old cable car that came from the world famous Austrian ski resort of Ischgl. It is quite a contrast with the hyper modern hotel they built at the foot of the mountains….and all was build by North Korea’s great leader for the people! Clearly.
The slopes are one of a kind as no one has the skills to actually go up with the cable car to the higher part of the mountain resulting in an overcrowded beginner area.

The resulting trip of Jamie Barrow is a somewhat surreal and bizarre experience for Jamie with having basically an entire ski resort for himself while riding fresh powder through tree lined mountains. Check the video below of this kickass but strange trip….

Would you consider skiing or snowboarding in North Korea’s pretty crazy Masikryong Ski Resort for your next winter holidays?!
We would, just for the hell of it…