14. 04. 2016
Bathtub sailing the Amazon - Rob Dowling

Dub in a Tub: Dubliner Rob Dowling sails the Amazon in an epic Bathtub adventure

The sight must have been overly surreal. It was the 8th of May 2006 and Rob Dowling stepped into his bathtub boat in Iquitos Peru. He was about to float  5,471km down the...

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20. 02. 2016
Amazon Hovercraft Expedition, 1969, the SNR6 (3)

By Hovercraft across South-America: 2500 miles from Manaus (Brazil) to Port of Spain (Trinidad)

David Smithers is probably the greatest hovercraft explorer ever. He led the 8000km Trans-Africa hovercraft expedition and was also the leader of the equally ambitious Amazon hovercraft expedition where they tried to find...

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05. 07. 2014
Beckham in the Jungle1

David Beckham’s Amazonian Motorbike Trip ‘Into the Unknown’

David Beckham, the former England football team captain, heads off on an unforgettable motorbike journey – Into the Unkown – around Brazil and its Amazonian jungles riding classical Triumph bikes. Together with three...

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20. 06. 2014
Robby Naish - Action

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) the Pororoca, the Amazon’s infinite tidal wave

The famed Pororoca tidal bore on Brazil’s Amazon River is no easy beast to tame. When the tide hits the confluence of the Amazon and the Atlantic Ocean just right, it results in...

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03. 02. 2013

Surfing the Pororoca, the Amazon’s infinite tidal wave!

In the ancient Amazonian language of Tupi, pororoca translates as ‘great destructive noise’. This noise refers to the emergence of a massive tidal bore in the Amazon, that rolls in once a day...

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29. 12. 2012

Amazon extreme & Three men in a Raft: Crossing South America by human power

September 13th 1999.  Three men, each of them newcomers to South America, begin a trek inland from the coast of southern Peru. They are Colin Angus, 27, of Canada, Scott Borthwick, 23, of...

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28. 11. 2011

Big river man: Martin Strel swims the entire length of the Amazon

  In February 2007 Martin Strel, also know as “the hero in a speedo”, began an insane attempt to be the first person to swim the entire length of the world’s most dangerous river,...

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