13. 02. 2016
Alone on the Great Wall of China - William Lindsay

Alone on the Great Wall of China – Running the full Length of the Chinese Wall

William Lindsay has always had a deep fascination for the Great Wall of China. Ever since he was a child that long line on ancient maps kept him staring and imagining what this...

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09. 02. 2016
Running & Driving through Moldovan wine tunnels

Running & Driving through the Moldovan Wine cellar tunnels

Few people have heard about the forgotten nation of Moldova. And even fewer people know that this country produces some of the world’s best wine and stores them in a 350km network of...

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17. 10. 2015
Forrest gump

Project Gump: Barclay Oudersluys runs across the USA inspired by Forrest Gump

American student Barclay Oudersluys was trying to come up with something big and exciting to do. After seeing the movie ‘Forrest Gump”, in which the main character played by Tom Hanks runs across...

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08. 02. 2015
hamster wheel marathon5

‘Mad Fool’ Stuart Kettell runs 7 Marathons in 7 Days in a Giant Hamster Wheel

Stuart Kettell calls himself a ‘mad fool’. And maybe he is a bit. We’d rather name him a kickass chap. He is after all the one who raised money for charity pushing a...

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06. 02. 2015

Former Popstar Andrei Rosu runs 7 Marathons & 7 Ultras on 7 Continents (and Drums on the North Pole)

Thinking about changing your life?! Take Andrei Rosu as an epic example. Andrei Rosu is a former member of the ’90s Romanian pop group Gaz pe Foc (“Gas on the Fire”), who went...

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12. 01. 2015
After a small knee injury, I’m back. This dick has a beautiful head and curves gently to the left

#DickRun >> Claire Wyckoff uses Nike+ to draw GPS pictures of Dicks on her runs

Claire Wyckoff has found the ultimate motivation for going on her weekly runs: she uses Nike+ (and a bit of pre-running map research) to plot pictures of dicks on her runs! Or in...

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25. 05. 2014
hot air balloon half marathon

Rob Ginnivan runs Half-Marathon in Hot Air Balloon & Ultra-Marathon on a cruise Ship at Sea

High in the skies over Canberra (Australia) in May 2012 Rob Ginnivan achieved a world’s first by running half a marathon on a treadmill while flying in a hot air balloon. The IT...

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18. 05. 2014

‘Tony the Fridge’ runs 1600km from John O’Groats to Land’s end With a Fridge on his Back

Tony Phoenix-Morrison or “Tony The Fridge”, as he prefers to be called, is not just a runner with a difference, but an extreme ultra marathon runner with a difference — he runs with...

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29. 04. 2014

Comic book Superhero the Flash runs 5,000 miles – unsupported – across Canada

Jamie McDonald, 27, became the first person to run across Canada without a support team when he crossed the finishing line in Vancouver in February 2014 – nearly 12 months after setting off....

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08. 11. 2013

Running the entire Sahara from West to East …All of it!!

On February 20 of 2006, an international expedition team of three men – Charlie Enge (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada) and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) touched the Red Sea in Egypt, just a few hours...

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02. 09. 2013

Unbroken: Olympic Runner Louis Zamperini’s Record-Time Adrift in the Pacific & Insane Survival Story

On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris and a slick of oil, gasoline, and blood.  Then,...

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17. 08. 2013
Cover photo

The Crane Brothers Run across the Himalayas

In 1983 two British brothers, Richard and Adrian Crane ran the Himalayas from Kanchenjunga to beyond Nanga Parbat covering 2000 miles in less than 100 days! According to the Crane’s book, “Running the...

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05. 07. 2013

Ultra Runner Pat Farmer Ran from North to South Pole in 20 Million Steps

Ever heard of Ultra Running? That crazy sport where people run anything beyond a marathon, and often more like 100 km or 100 miles non-stop. Now if you think that is kickass, meet...

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14. 06. 2013

Ranulph Fiennes’ 7x7x7 Challenge: Running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents!

Ranulph Fiennes (not to be confused with Ralph Fiennes, the actor) is a great explorer. So great even that according to the Guinness Book of World Records he is “The world’s greatest living...

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20. 02. 2013

Marathon of Hope: Terry Fox Runs across Canada on One leg, one Marathon a day!

This is the story about Terry Fox, his cancer, his amputation, and his unbounded determination to run across Canada on one leg! Terry Fox was born n July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba....

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10. 04. 2012
Rosie pulling her trailer

Rosie Swale-Pope goes on “Just a little run around the world”

She calls it “just a little run”. We call it an “epic-delic humongous marathon run of 32.000km”! She is Rosie Swale-Pope, a Welsh native that decided to run around the world after her...

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