For nearly three years without a break, Neil Skywalker traveled around the world, setting foot in over 40 countries and slipping into the minds, hearts and beds of countless beautiful women who crossed his path. His travels took him from unknown cities in Russia’s Far East to the sunny beaches of Brazil as he went from being a regular shy guy from Holland to a womanizing heartbreaker ravishing his way across the globe. Now he has captured his traveling womanizing exploits in a book named ‘Around the World in 80 Girls’.

Around the world in 80 girls

Around the world in 80 girls - the epic trip of a backpacking Casanova

Around the world in 80 girls – the epic trip of a backpacking Casanova

Neil Skywalker is a 35 year old traveler, born and raised in the Netherlands. A few years ago, he was fed up with his love life, job, family and friends, so he decided to take a trip around the world with the goal of improving his social skills while exploring the globe and learning a about other cultures. Fast forward a few years, and we find Neil, still traveling, and now the author of a blog, and a book called, Around the World in 80 Girls: The epic 3 year trip of a backpacking Casanova.

Skywalker explained: “I left home as a way of escapism like so many other travelers. I was bored and fed up with my life and myself. Angry at myself for wasting all my good years in my twenties on stupid stuff I don’t care about now anymore and for having poor social skills. I wanted to improve all that and see something of the world. Of course I wanted to be with some girls from exotic countries but that was never the main motivator. I never intended to “bang” as many girls as possible when I started my trip or “capture flags” as some would say. The first 8 months of my trip were more about sightseeing than about girls. It started to get crazy when I went to South East Asia and I realized that my experiences were fairly unique, and I saw potential to write a book.

Neil Skywalker - the backpacking casanova and author of around the world in 80 girls

The final push for the book came to him while in Hong Kong when he told an English travel buddy about a couple of girls he had been with in Russia and China. His buddy literally said: “It looks like you’re going around the world in 80 girls Hahaha” I laughed but also kept it in the back of my mind for a while. Of course at that moment I still wasn’t focused on girls that much but I liked the sound of the words “Around the world in 80 girls.” Especially because it’s funny because it says IN 80 girls and not with 80 girls or something similar. I said to myself that if I was going to write a travel book that would be the title.

He is definitely not the first one to use an altered version of Jules Verne’s famous book ‘Around the World in 80 days’ as the title for their expoloits. Other versions as ‘Around the World in 80 Drinks‘ are pretty common around the web but Skywalker’s ’80 girls world trip’ is definitely the most original.

While traveling he wrote about his experiences on a blog with the tagline “Around the world in 80 girls – The not so Lonely Planet”. He had to stop using it when after several complaints he got a formal and pressing email from Lonely Planet requesting to stop using using their name in his tagline. If not a lawsuit would follow.

The book covers a great and diverse global part of the world: From a beauty contestant begging him to stay with her to the death stares of thwarted girls and envious guys, from having an AK-47 pressed into his back at the Kazakhstan border to nearly getting stabbed by a local girl in Malaysia, from a heartbreaking romance in Russia to Cambodian prostitutes fist-fighting to stay with him – for FREE – Skywalker’s path leads us on byways few men have ever travelled. From rice three times a day in the Philippines to saucy steaks (and girls) in Argentina. From sleeping in the streets to living the life in 5–star hotels for free. From Mount Fuji in Japan to Mount Doom in New Zealand. From cups A through F and from teenagers to MILFs.

He approached girls with little more than a few dollars in his pockets and a couple of words of the local language and – succeeded.

Around the World in 80 Girls is quite  a unique travel story. It tells it all – the sightseeing and the love and drama, how Neil got over his approach anxiety and became a legend in his own time, the backpacking and the horrible conditions he lived through, the cultural differences he encountered, the emotional roller-coastering, the building of lifelong friendships and rather shorter romances, the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll – and of course the lying and cheating, the breaking of hearts (including his own) and the seduction of dozens of girls from dozens of countries.Neil Skywalker around the world in 80 girls

With hundreds of anecdotes of the kind you just won’t find in any other travel book, not to mention blunt assessments that will leave you with no excuse for naiveté if you choose to follow his path, Around the World in 80 Girls is the essential book for anyone hoping to survive as a poor backpacker on the lookout for erotic adventures. Neil Skywalker offers you his story and the chance to learn from him. You may know how to get a girl back home – but only with Skywalker’s help can you hope to get any out in the wild world.

And he boldly claims: “If this book doesn’t result in hot steamy nights with exotic babes, nothing will.”

I am sure he would have loved to bump into the girls of ‘The Topless Travel Tour’ and the No-Pants subway party. You did miss out on those Neil!!

The book is not only about hooking up with girls. It is more of a genuine travel & backpacking book with a pick-up slant to it Skywalker says:

“I love traveling. I have a real passion for it. The socializing with people from other countries, the struggling with the language barrier and the proud moments when you just did something you would never dreamed of a few years before. I have a great interest in Military History and visited lots of museums and places around the world concerning this subject. I would go out of my way to visit remote places of military interest. I still have the dream of visiting Volgograd formerly known as Stalingrad. The turning point in World War II. Also the genuine friendliness of people in other countries really surprised me. I was not used to that, being raised in the me, me, me culture of Holland”


Neil indicates that if he had to choose one person,dead or alive, to travel with and go anywhere in the world Skywalker would pick Elvis Presley in his white suit. They would make for an even better duo if Neil dressed in ‘Luke Skywalker’ Star Wars gear. The Force would definitely be with them!!

In the meantime Neil managed to sell the film rights of his book to a Hollywood A-list company so expect to see his story hitting the screens in the next couple of years.
Variety reports: “producerElizabeth Fowler is teaming with Susan Duff for a film based on Around the World in 80 Girls: The Epic 3-Year Journey of a Backpacking Casanova. Fowler and Duff — mother of Hilary and Hailey Duff — are developing the property as a comedy and meeting with writers and directors, but have not yet cast any actors. The duo has also optioned author Neil Skywalker’s life rights.

Skywalker explains in detail how he managed to sell the movie rights in one of his blog posts here. Pretty interesting to see how he pulled that one off!

Some reviews of the book to get you convinced about this great book:

This Skywalker has the force
Written in a funny and straightforward way, this exciting book about a globetrotting ladies man is the most honest travel diary I have read. One day Neil packs up his belongings and sets out to do what most men only dream of; seeing the world, gaming girls and it is great. There are charming spelling mistakes but as a testament to courage and embracing life, Around the World In 80 girls, is from the heart and will be tough to beat.

Blunt, insightful, and an honest perspective to the world of game and travel
This book is a very easy read. Traveling through 40 plus countries, Neil narrates his adventures, sexcapades, and experiences as he roughs it out into the world. This book isn’t just about picking up women, but I do enjoy his take on it. It’s really more of a travel book – one that’s discerningly descriptive and profound. Definitely buy this book if you’re planning to travel or just want to pick up women. That’s what I did and I have no regrets whatsoever.Around the world in 80 girls - Neil Skywalker's book cover