So we were having a blast in Guinness, moved on to Grappa and thought we’d take a sleeper train over to Almdudler or Palinka – but then things got pretty messy in Becherovka…No, this isn’t another self-indulgent story from that guy in the office who “Just loves travelling”. This is a possible boozy backpacking route, plotted with the aid of this marvellous list: Around the World in 80 Drinks.

Around the world in 80 drinks

Traveling is characterized by many new meetings and socializing meetings…and very often under the enjoyment of a local alcoholic beverage. We go for a beer, have a vodka or just gin-and-juice the night away in exotic locations around the world. A bucket of rum and coke in Bangkok, an Ouzo in Greece, a glass of Port wine in Portugal or a Sangria in Spain…..most travelers won’t say no to these.

The English bring gin to the table (naturally), while the USA offer Coca Cola, the Irish Guinness, the Indians Tea… you get the idea. Absinthe, Aguardiente, Akvavit, Almdudler, Arak, Araqi, Bajtra, Balsam, Becherovka….can you guess from which countries they originate?
All in all a very kickass liquid drinking trip around the world visualized in this infographic….

Be inspired. Make new friends for life. And have a drink with them.

Bottoms up!

around the world in 80 drinks

Anyone up for a grand world  imbibement tour around our big liquidly diverse planet earth!?

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